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WIRO Paweł Rozmiarek

ul. Poselska 18

63-000 Środa Wielkopolska, Poland

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Pawel Rozmiarek


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Proszę wypełnić wszystkie wymagane pola!

No dirt,

no viruses


Protect your drink against sand, dirt and bacteria!

Safe fingers

and nails


Open the can with the clip to protect your fingers and nails from damage!

On the beach

and in the garden


Protect your drink from wasps, ants and other insects!




Keep the gas and drink temperature longer!

No leaks

and spills


Protect yourself against spilling your drink in the car, on the couch, on the desk!

Be safe!

Check out!

Check out!

Check out!



We make full color printing using high gloss resin stickers.



We make gilding in gold or silver and laser engraving on soft materials, such as velor, suede, flock, felt and eco leather, depending on the technical capabilities of the material.



We make gilding in any color or laser engraving on scratch and abrasion resistant cardboard or on decorative paper.

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Promo print


Contact us to get a price list and visualization of your print. Before placing the final order you will get samples with your design!

Order your TWINCAPS today!

Check out the gallery!

                Degassing drink?

                Wasp or ants got into an open can?

        You accidentally knocked it over and the drink spilled into the car or on important documents?

           Opening the metal pin damaged your nails?



The answer to all of the above is the TWINCAPS key ring, which:


- contains two covers suitable for all cans (250, 330 i 500 ml) 
- has a handle to easily open the can
- has an advert space on both sides for your company name or product information


But that's not all!



We can install an NFC chip in the lid to quickly launch programmed apps and sites

after putting it close to the phone. It can be an app or a mobile site with any information about your company

or product and it will be available for your clients instantly!





TWINCAPS is protected by copyright, patented

and has an EU registered industrial design,

that's why it's delivered exclusively by us.

Our key ring has been awarded by the marketing branch with 2nd place in Top Design category

and by the customers on the Gifts Exclusive fair.

TWINCAPS has also been presented on TVN Turbo television

on Kuba Klawiter show "New Gadget".

The problem of an open drink in a can?

Promo gift


On both sides of the key ring we can place an ad (company logo, product information etc.) and also an NFC chip for instant access
to programmed applications or websites on your phone.



Using the protruding handle of any of the lids you can pick up the cotter pin in the can and open it easily. This protects your nails and fingers from damage.

Two covers


After unfolding the key chain, the smaller lid fits 250 ml cans with energy drinks and the larger fits
330 ml and 500 ml cans. Cover your drink cans to protect against: insects (especially important for people allergic to bites, e.g. wasps), spills, excessive
degassing and dirt.

Key chain


TWINCAPS is a set of two covers for opening and closing cans. Unfold the key ring and get two independent 
lids connected with a snap hook. The incisions in the catch allow you to take off the covers from the hook and put them back on after use to get the key chain again.


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